What is Wet Cleaning?

We are entirely a wet cleaning facility. Wet cleaning is a non-toxic, environmentally safe cleaning process which is safe for all types of textiles, including items with dry clean only labels. Traditional dry cleaning uses a chemical commonly referred to as “perc”. This is a carbon based chemical that can leave an odor on clothes. Our facility is completely perc free. We use a process developed by LANADOL called wet cleaning, as opposed to traditional dry cleaning. Wet cleaning is the most environmentally friendly process for cleaning textiles. Rather than use harsh chemicals, our process uses highly effective soaps and water in the most technologically advanced machines. Wet cleaning is just as effective (if not more) for treating stains than traditional dry cleaning. It’s also safe on skin. Whites stay brighter, clothes smell fresh, and fabrics last longer.

Beware of other dry cleaners that offer “green cleaning”. If their cleaning process uses perc, their process is not truly environmentally safe.